Friday, January 2, 2009

Julie's crepes

My sister-in-law, Julie (ok, this is her husband's blog, but she makes frequent appearances in it and you can see my cute twin nephews), makes REALLY good crepes--so good that we swallowed our pride and admitted that we had lost the crepe recipe for the 5th time, which is why we haven't had them for so long and why I've guarded the recipe written on a discarded shopping list the entire holiday season.

3/4 c milk
3/4 c water
3 egg yolks
1 T sugar
1 1/2 c flour, sifted
5 T butter melted

Blend all ingredients in blender and refridgerate overnight. Butter the pan (or spray with cooking spray, if you're lazy like we are) and turn to med-high heat. Pour 1/4 c batter and rotate the pan so it covers the bottom. Flip. Repeat.

My family likes Nutella and bananas on ours for Christmas breakfast. Nate's family has a few options:
1) a sprinkling of powdered sugar
2) strawberries and sugar syrup
3) blueberries and maple syrup

Dave, you're the only person who has actually had a Frenchman show you how to make crepes, so fix my directions, please!

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