Saturday, October 31, 2009

THE Cornbread recipe

Isn't satisfying when you find THE recipe? The one that means you don't have to keep trying others because you love this one so much? Incidentally, I've found this blog terribly handy to compile all of my THE recipes.

So, I was thrilled yesterday when I found THE cornbread recipe, complete with THE honey butter recipe, which I found because my friend, Sara mentioned one of her favorites, Real Mom Kitchen, and that blog led me to My Kitchen Cafe, which I love (seriously, I think Melanie and I might be identical foodie twins).

(And, after typing all that, I realize I spend WAY too much time on the computer looking at recipes :))

Melanie's notes are great, I wouldn't add a thing, but I would second her advice--don't fear the marshmallow fluff in the honey butter. It makes it light and fluffy while adding sweetness and little marshmallowy flavor, which I found delicious.

Also, I forgot (I know, surprise) to add the melted butter to the cornbread, but it still turned out fine.

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