Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lemonade Pie

My MIL and I did a wonderfully easy Easter dinner this year, and I'll have to get her recipe for the main course (asparagus and cheese rolled up in ham, warmed in the oven, and served with a lemony hollandaise sauce--del.ic.ious). The only things I made were a salad and yes, another Kate H recipe, lemonade pie, which I'll forewarn you: if you come to my house sometime this summer, this will be the dessert we'll have. You gotta love a dessert that is made up of ingredients that are so very non-perishable.

Belle Fillmore Stewart

1( 6-oz) can frozen lemonade concentrate
1 small package Cool Whip
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Mix ingredients and pour into graham cracker crust. Chill. I found this a little sweet for my taste (really, I never thought I would type such words!), so I added 3 heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt. I think some freshly whipped cream would be a wonderful addition, too.

Graham cracker crust
7 double graham crackers (preferably Nabisco Original GrahamCrackers), ground into crumbs
2 1/2 Tbs butter, melted
1 Tbs powdered sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Bake at 350° for 10 minutes.

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laurie said...

I've seen this same recipe using limeade and makes a (faux) key lime pie. It's delish so I'm sure the lemonade will be too, can't wait to try it!