Monday, October 6, 2008

Macaroni and Cheese

Every once in a while I get a version of a staple recipe that makes me throw out all the other versions I have--a good chili recipe or a great salad dressing. I searched long and hard for the macaroni and cheese recipe. Just as I had resigned myself to the idea that maybe what I was hoping for didn't exist, I found it from a friend of a friend's blog...

I love that this recipe doesn't make you stir the shredded cheese into the white sauce.

So, if you live near me and have a baby, this is what you'll be getting for dinner. Thanks, Rebecca!

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Kate said...

That recipe sounds SO yummy. I love the idea of layering the pasta and cheese, and then pouring the white sauce over the top. Plus it has bread crumbs... my favorite addition to any mac & cheese. Definitely going to try this.