Monday, September 21, 2009

Corn and Tomato Pie

So, for Nate's birthday, he asked that we do P90X together. Between the high protein diet (and by high protein, P90X creators apparently mean, "Eat lots and lots of meat--until you feel it coming out of your pores.") and the daily workouts, I haven't felt like cooking.

Now that we're heading into week 3, we've decided to go back to our old eating habits and just watch our portions. To celebrate, I made this corn and tomato pie from Smitten Kitchen (I'm loving this website--this woman seems to know just what I love to eat and her pictures are WAY more appetizing than mine) that my talented friend, mraynes introduced me to.

I don't have much to add to this pie (except I had to use 2 T pesto instead of the fresh basil and 1 green onion instead of chives because I was so caught up in making sure I had farmer's market corn and tomatoes that I forgot about the rest of the ingredients). It took a while to make the first pie, but I suspect that's because I have never made pie dough before. In fact, I never really liked pie crust so whenever someone talked about making pie dough, I never listened.

Fortunately, it's remarkably easy. I watched this tutorial first, and it was SO helpful.

Oh, and though this recipe does require the use of an oven, I'm still categorizing it as a "summer" meal because I think with a recipe that uses so few ingredients, it's important that the corn and tomatoes be in season.

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