Monday, August 11, 2008

Pineapple Slush

Another Arcadia Ward Cookbook recipe (I'm using it all the time lately). I made this for the baby shower, too. I'd half the recipe for a party of 20-30 people since I froze 2/3rds of it after the party. It was a perfect summer shower beverage. I have to think of another reason to have a party and thaw it out.

Grandma Effie Drigg's Pineapple Slush
Kathleen Holyoak

1 large can pineapple juice
3 c orange juice
1 c fresh lemon juice
3 c sugar
3 large bananas I totally forgot to do this step
3 qt 7-up

Boil 6 cups of water and the sugar. I brought the water to a boil, added the sugar and stirred until dissolved. I also let it cool to room temp before adding the juice. I don't know, I guess I thought the hot water might "cook" the juices and make them less tasty. (I have no idea if that's actually true, though) Add to pineapple juice, orange juice, and lemon juice. Cool and freeze. To serve, mush 3 large bananas and pour 3 quarts of 7-up over slush. Note: 3 qt of 7 up and the juice mixture was waaay too much for my punch bowl. We only managed to fit the sluch and 1 7-up bottle in.

Kate's sister, and my friend, Sara, has her own cooking blog (darn it! I wanted to recruit here for our's, especially since Sara is a master baker, and I, alas, am not.) with lots of good recipes. She has a punch recipe that looks quite similar if you're looking for a little variety...

...which reminds me, I keep forgetting to mention that my best friend growing up has joined our cooking blog. Kate can do everything really well (cooking, crafts, drawing). I'm still totally bummed that Kate and I aren't in the same congregation so when we do crafty stuff I can just have her finish/fix mine.


Jessica said...

Welcome to the blog, Kate.
She's in my congregation, though, so I'll have her fix/finish my crafts!

Kate said...

I am SO out of it. I guess I have forgotten to add this blog to my reader... and I just NOW, this VERY minute, am reading all of the nice things you wrote about me. :) I am honored to have joined this blog... and I really really really will post some recipes. It's just that lately we're on this horrible schedule (I teach piano until 6:00 on MW, and then I'm at soccer practice until 6:30 on TTh), so real dinner is a rarity around these parts.